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Mount Elgon. Situated in the eastern Uganda in the borders of Uganda and Kenya, Mt Elgon is yet another interesting mountain to hike. The mountain stands at 4321m above sea level and is the 8th highest peak in Africa yet the 4th highest in East Africa. Mt Elgon was at once one of Africa’s highest peaks but the continuous erosions have reduced its height to its current. Wagagai is the highest peak of Mount Elgon whose summit shelters the world’s largest caldera measuring approximately 50 by 80 kilometers. Being a national park, Mt Elgon is a home to a variety of animals such as Elephants, forest monkeys, Buffalos and other small antelopes among others. An encounter with these animals is an added advantage for the hikers. On the slopes are caves of different sizes, waterfalls and various water polls among others.