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Nyegenyege Festival

The festival takes place in a breathtaking forest on the shores of the Nile River, just a few minutes away from the Source and includes a brand new camping village in 2018. Despite attracting a global audience and being international in nature, Nyege Nyege is not your classic “destination festival”, it is first and foremost a celebration of Ugandan culture and African music, and the “Spirit of UG” is ever present. In 2017, it was voted Uganda’s event of the year.

In 2018, Nyege Nyege welcomed Africa’s number 1 telecom brand, and became MTN Nyege Nyege, a move towards building a financially sustainable festival that remains inclusive and always forward going without ever losing its independence.

Finally and most importantly, MTN Nyege Nyege is all about DANCING, because when the Nyege hits you, when the urge to dance, move or shake is no longer controllable, then you must let go, and let your body to the DANCING!!!!